washing machine


The white box is standing in the room that's in the back of the building, piles of laundry and corpses around it, forming a landscape only seen in nature, hills, valleys and mountains even, dripping from it is a red river, falling into the cracks of the old floor, built in the 1800's - The box has a door in the front, circular, like the one on an old diving suit, staring at you, waiting to be fucked to be filled with something an organ or a shirt maybe, load it up and slam it shut / oh yes that's right / it also has a tray near the top, on the side, you can grab it by the rectangular hole and pull it out, it is waiting for one thing, for it's thirst to be quenched, by what ? a blue liquid, maybe green sometimes, any color really - but a liquid, softener too while we're at it, and once you're done you simply push it back into the box -

THE CONSOLE - a visage . looks like it would be on a spaceship, flashing lights, some buttons and a dial ? where do you want to go first? obviously the dial, its mettalic allure reminds you of a dick, protruding and standing out like it's not supposed to be there, and yet it's so beautiful , you grab it, and assess the settings
every time you move the dial, it makes a snappy noise DZING, and gives some sort of tactile feedback .. not quite a click, but you feel the bump in the gear behind the wheel, it takes a little bit of effort to take it to the next stage, not a lot, but more than if it was a linear system, a smooth wheel waiting to be turned like the one in a car, alas here it is most similar to a keyboard that you'd want to TTHEN then there's also a bunch of buttons , those are awful, they almost make you want to kill yourself, mushy, no feedback , only three lights next to each one, temperature and speed maybe? I cannot be bothered to learn about them, whenever i touch them it's like I'm just punching a brick wall , but not in a hot erotic way more in a shitty day way .

of course there's the barrel. the pièce de résistance - a mettalic mouth waiting for you to put its fingers in it , to put a body in it - to put laundry in it i mean, it is simply magnificent , once you press the big button START - it will begin, for an hour or so , brmbflbfdlrebbmmrrrmmrmrmrmrmmrrmrmrmrmmrmr , injecting liquid from the pipes and mixing it with blood - detergent / mixing and chewing and brimming with energy and movement, if you put some sort of organ in it it sure would be a fucking great show - it would splatter everywhere and taint it red , but probably after a cycle or two go away. or used for it's main purpose, the box will come out with a clean but albeit wet mess of cloth and denim , to be put in ANOTHER machine that i refuse to talk about, go ask gibbon or something about it he sounds like the kind of guy that would like those i don't know