// internet w(ar)eblords //

an ode to all of you fuckers who wish they weren't alive

> “i Ithink i’ll die XD”

when unreality becomes reality
when reality becomes unreality
what does one do?

what are YOU supposed to do, in the kyber-age? in the age where weblords rule the world and real life has been disintegrated, in the age where drawings are real and trees are ash, in the time where you lose and they win

It is [today], current era, what is left?

all the rivers are dried up, reasonable time is gone, all is left is the clock on your display, emanating a warm blue light, the only one you’ll seen in [forever]

[what have you seen?] NOTHING, It is [today], current era, and nothing is left.

The world has stopped existing, only cables, circuit boards and CPU dust are left, war is not waged on soil but over forum disputes

> “and you can’t even end it !I WISH”

petty weblords, realizing their ideal world, where digital LARP is real, and the actions of the living are unreal

what is there for you to do [today], current era, with nothing left?

they gave you everything, a garden of eden, a beautiful world, a formidable unique experience, and you ruined it, you burnt it for a bunch of garbage and sold the rest for, what exactly?

scrap online bush wars fighting over the admin control of your local server, a world where the holy silicon valley nazi empire lords fight against each other for the remains of the holy library of [GOOGLE] - is this what you sold it for

it is [today], current era, and nothing is left.

microtransaction based economy, sell your child - two cool coins - or whatever your weblords accepts, and maybe, maybe you get to eat today? lol as if

l00tcrates - the basis of your world , isnt it wonderful?6

it is [today], current era, and nothing is left.

it is [today], current era, and nothing is left but the whine of your hard drive, spinning for eternity, as you all rot, thinking if things could have been different only if THEY didn’t sell the atmosphere for scraps

you hear it, so distant, but so close, the only thing outside of your head-phones (i think thats what they’re called now-a-days), outside the endless static of the world - hive - web, screaming at you, hoping one day someone puts it out of its pityful misery

> “if i could have done one thing differently , i woulxd have left my room and DIED lol”

it is [today], current era, and nothing is left
it is [2day], currnt era, and no thing is l3ft
its [2dy], crrnt e 3 era, nd no thng is lft
it [now], now e 3 e rrra, no t h is ←
i [], n errr, no ←

(the warm whine of the hard drive stops - nothing is left)