Notes on the Cyclopic Star

Today is an extremely fast day, full of speed and movement -

Walking barefoot on burning grass, no, a caramel bracken, seeing so many wheels, squares, a rural accordion dance in the row school, the old man sitting on the bench calls you (what is an old man?) he tells you a history → story

While a story is put to you in a book, Gontrand the necrophile sadist whispers in your ear (eins zwei drei), the german dance moves and shocks the the youths with its innovation, the instruments have a new cadence, the twenty-first century has so many new wonders

mine is strong, yes in fact, it is like a horn slashing through the sexed fog of the night machine, without ever seeing or wondering, who are you?

dancing so much that your melting feet tint the scrub red, turning circles faster and faster around Gontrand, so fast, turn and turn a red circle while the exposed bone fucks the distant stars- a double "human" phallus, going up and down - up and down

run, yes yes, run you do it, you live in an infernal spiral, an orbit in a framework

- neptune
- jupiter
- mars

The industrial worker, moves on tracks, hammer spiraling and whirling towards the nail while Gontrand lives in the middle and emanates light by halves, the day, he moves in the factory, the night, in a car at full speed down the highway, the luminous destination line, he does this in a loop while Gontrand rests on a bench in an abandoned row school

Le Mouvement Du Travailleur Industriel

The Movement of the Industrial Worker

What are you doing? you are caught in a 2D frame, caught between the sheet of imitation wood and the glass plate, you are an image, despite everything, despite the semblance of immobility, you move and dance, the rays of Gontrand constantly strike you moving your vision towards the eye of the traveler

A simple sheet of aesthetic A4 paper reflects the light, creating a such a clear movement and diffusing an empty image, while yours is dirty, yours is stained by colors and lines (to see flight lines) that spread the light in a thousand directions