a necrophyte


Exploration 3

SFUXCK _ V GVV V V V THE NEXTROPHYTE LEPERPHILE EATS OUT YOUR LEG AS THE CANNIBAL NECROPHYTE FUCKS THE DEAD PLANT - the root is the opposite of the sexual organ - as the dick is exposed on the outside - the root is hidden / the plant has other, authentic, organs, the flower, the fruit and the flesh / the root is in constant penetration of the ground as the exhilaration comes from PULLING OUT /0 - the human act is an addition - is it ? as we constantly try to substract from ourselves - the skin, eyes, mouth, ears, nose those are all organs and yet they have been interiorized by someone and something - all that is inside is outside - the lungs, the heart, the cranium and brain / you DO NOT want to see those in action, disgusting shlorbs of flesh pumping 0sd(somethigng ??? ) all they do is pump and pump and pump - the heart pumps blood, the lungs pump air, the brain pumps various hormones an d elektricity - working at a station broadcasting agony into the psyche -



the knife digs deeper into my flesh as i drive the knife from the area above my dick to the back of my neck, eventually opening the whole like a butterfly, leaving my beautiful heart and lungs exposed, outside seeing sunlight for the first time - what was once outside is finally inside. take a stroll down the street- everyone is LOOKING at you like a corpse / growing on you is puke and screams running away, necrophyte matter as always - why dont they like your beautiful glowing lungs ? shining out of the open rib-cage in a beautiful display of honesty . in this moment the dick is no longer the only authentic organ, it has been joined by heart and soul - however authentic may it be, as the lung tries to join the inside it is rejected by the closed body of capital - THE PIG HEART IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HUMAN ORGANS -= well I'm the inside out man and my heart is OCTOPAL

- or is capital's the one with the octopus in it's heart ? highways spanning from the kulturkore into suburbz and faktories as the wizard city-builder watches from his tower , creating spectacular tantakular appendices going from the city into flesh / the kapitalist kapital of kapital pumps blood from the city to the burb to the sewer to the city , vessel of hate closed like a cocoon - the stasis of the civilized machine is so obvious / in all of this, as i watch, I realize that I am a virus man - a pathological man - inside out man - i drove the kife from the area above my dick to the back of my neck , i will do it to you , the other one- we will create some sort of arrangement , - or get rejected by the white globules / / dis(INTEGRATING) a barbaric machine into a pastorial empire

a dead body with arrows coming out

The dead body of Capital!


The civiliZed world is covered by

Father - Mother / Husband - Wife / Highway - TeleviZion as all the binaries intersect the wizard city builder is inking the surface of the body with the urban grid - from the tower with laZers all in its vicinity has been crossed - ######### / hashed even by clean 90° intersections has created the pastoral empire's grandson - THE OTTO-MONGOLIC HORDE - migrating from homosexuality to heterosexuality on a whim, it slowly fell to an illness of great sleep up until the 20th century with the moon landing - globalizing information to create fxggot datapaks and finally setting the groundworks for a takeover /

with this revealed, I became a guitarist, playing with grids and using distortion pedals to make sounds never heard before - my sound is transgender / male to male break beat jungle sound of a new ruling class - the homo-sexual aristocracy is the guitarist - not to be mixed with the ones of ancient greece of france, the modern guitarist plays with the now detached girldick string guitar, sounds never heard before indeed my friend - a bent grid is now what ? who knows but the wizard city builder falls into the sea of Azov one last time, looking at a fading tattoo being covered as a knife goes from the area above the dick to the back of the neck - inside out / evrope finally falling into the sea as the hypercivilization of the past did


Conclusion and coming soon

I am hanged -
Not a suicide but

an execution 0 its sunday evening in old france, the old balding man came to the gallows to see the famous inside out man finally die, I'm a pervert they say , subverting the youth with malicious DIY surgeries and/ was it really that bad that I was licking the marble statues in the museum? was it that bad that in the laundromat I was fucking the washing machines? if being an asexual is the crime here, then I plead guilty sire -

the result of your actions