The veteran worms through the crowd with his machine gun going kllklklklklklklk children screaming - military industrial waste complex / shitting vomit out of its eyes / the expanse of amerika is infinite - unlike the space its in - the border wall walmart building does not contain the fire - arm / it does not / klklklklklklklklk / 7 dead 11 wounded at a 7/11 - plane attack connecting the consequence of my actions to my dick - america's greatest phallus - klklklklklklk / xcamo stained red fucked killed himsel

as imperial space expands nothing remains - the infinite expanse westwards ends / as you dig your teeth outside - nothing remains / 0

exmilitary never served - nobody ever serves in the future / walmart expansionism from ammo to child from barrel to flesh /1 has amerika spent? pulling out empire from NATO to afghanistan there is no confrontation - the biggest battery / the factory churning fucked up vermin-men

within its confines it is infinite - gun-ZitiZEN / armed to the tooth the child watches the bodega , from afar, he is the veteran / served 11 years of childhood - he is exmilitary- cold black gaze of the shotgun - metal taking heat away -/ viscerally black - nothing / nothing - void - the child from walmart armed to the - he wants to go hard on a DIY op done by your tranny grannys cookie PB shop -

gunman gun - man forced evolution thru the parade - I see,

BLAM -from the node east facing the west coast it orbits - around the bass pro sun does it orbit - / the center of the universe has been set / infinite cancerous appendages sgurbling from memphis 0 - the bloated corpse coughs blood /cough kough kugh kh kl klklklklkl - coug h does it cough a pan atlantic tumour digging into /- sinking its teeth into - itself ,. killing itself - chemotherapy on mindless violence on mindless violence worming through the crowd with his machine gun worming through the crowd with killing cells of itself

killing selfs of itscell

infinite gun machine cant - infinitegunmachinecant -finite in the can crying / mourning its own loss x civiliZed men wizards and musicians orchestrating child death at 8 - orchestrating twink death at 30 -

horizon weeping
horizon watching
networks of killing and shit
i turned a child into exmilitary
with my shotgun
i turned a child into a veteran
with my shotgun

and only once the sun blows up - can I rest